2005 – 2015

In this decade Rosillo got engage in multiple art projects, Bronze busts commissions, teaching printmaking at Cerritos College, Create the drawings for the million Trees Initiative.

Open Downtown Art Gallery and maintain a biweekly Drawing session at his studio.


Juan Rosillo make ZITA PRESS mobile on wheels for an art Group at Skid Row Housing Trust-New Carver Apartments. Very happy to colaborate and humble seen the amazing approach of Skid Row Housing Trust to Homelessness.

2007 – 2009

Created the drawings called “PROMETHEUS” series for the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarraigosa Million Trees L.A initiative.

When the artist was developing an idea around the Million Trees Project, he found that the oldest living tree known and documented is in California. The tree is nicknamed Methuselah, is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva, and is found in the White Mountains of California.

It was approximately 4,789 years old when it was sampled in 1957 its exact location is currently undisclosed to the public as a protection against vandalism.

An older specimen, which was named Prometheus, 4,844 years old and was mistakenly cut down in 1964. This was enough to fire up the artist to become involved in this project and it also led to the title of the series.


Rosillo open the Downtown Art Gallery, an art space dedicated to exhibit the most important printmakers of Los Angeles and Latin America like an exhibit of Mixografia and Fernando de Syzlo Mixografias, Rufino Tamayo, Self Help Graphics , Richard Duardo and Modern Multiples, John Greco and Josephine Press, Artemio Rodriguez linocuts from his studio La Mano press and also several exhibitions of European printmakers.


American Serigraph the printmaking studio he opened in the 80 became one of the leader printmaking studios in United States with the most advance equipment at that time to produce limited edition serigraphs.


Rosillo open American Serigraph a fine printmaking studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Over the years became a well known fine art printmaking atelier . Hundreds of fine art limited editions serigraphs were produced for artists and art dealers in Us , Europe, South America and Japan.